COVID-19 Help

COMPAS Charity is very keen to continue supporting vulnerable and marginalised members of Peterborough communities during this uncertain times. Bellow are listed important links, contacts and information that might help you with your enquiries. If you can’t find your answer, you can contact us on e-mail address or via FB (Compas Charity).

The rules on travelling abroad are frequently changing and each country is adopting their own rules. Therefore we recommend to check with your embassy or with the FCO ( to get the most up to date information.

If you want to check how many people have been confirmed with COVID-19 in your area, click HERE. When the page opens, scroll down and type your postcode into the search box.

To check the total number of infected people and victims of COVID 19 worldwide, click HERE

An amazing publication for children with easy explanation of Coronavirus can be downloaded bellow.

To entertain our little-ones during this unprecedented times, here are some resources to keep them entertained. All the pictures are an art work of Morgan Fitzsimons. You can download the pictures and print them out for your children.

If your children are not into drawing, you can make with them their own bracelet. Donna Senneck will show you how to do it in few easy steps. If you require beads, just let us know and we will try to resource it.

How to create a bracelet in few easy steps