We are seeking funds and donations to enable us to rent a new venue.

Majority of our activities and services take place at our community hub in Peterborough. It is a large building in the city centre and even though the building provides us with lots of opportunities for youth activities and other services, there are several defects that stop us from delivering our services to the full extent.

Our current building

The hub is located at 19, Fitzwilliam Street in Peterborough. The building has a rich history; being occupied by Labour party in 70s, used as a nightclub in 90s and currently rented by a private landlord to local communities. COMPAS Charity rented the venue in March 2019 when it was in dilapidated condition.

We have emptied 17 skips of rubbish, used 130L of paint to repaint the whole building, fixed broken flooring, replaced all toilets and sinks etc.


Even though we keep improving and investing in the venue, there are deficiencies that we are not capable of fixing:

1. Heating - there was no heating in the building when we moved in. We have installed industrial heaters but it still isn't sufficient to heat the whole building up. To fix current air-con system or to fit a central heating, we would have to spend in excess of £20k. Between October and April, the temperature in the building warries from 5 to 12 degrees. To have the current heaters on costs us over £120 per day and it is never over 17 degrees in there.

2. Leaking roof - there are several holes in the metal roof and every time it is raining, we have to 'catch' the water into buckets. The leaking roof is creating pressure on the top ceiling, causing it to break and to fall from 9m height.

You can see some photos of the contemporary condition HERE and some videos HERE and HERE.

The Appeal

We are seeking donations and funding to enable us to either rent a new, suitable venue or alternatively to buy a venue that we can make a full use of. We estimate we need to raise in excess of £80,000 to be able to make this 'next big step. Our current contract ends in March 2023 and we have therefore until then to raise necessary funds and to find a suitable venue. Therefore we are making this public appeal to help fund a new community hub that will continue delivering youth activities, advice provision, sport sessions, mentoring, home work club, a safe space for community meetings, events and religious gatherings, and much more.

You can donate as one-off donation or to make a monthly donation, either via the DONATE button, located in the side panel, or by clicking HERE. Please include COMPAS HUB as the reference as all donations towards this appeal will be 'red-circled'.

You can also DONATE by direct bank transfer; our details are: HSBC bank, Compas, sort code: 40-36-15, acc. no.: 92480824.

Why give to COMPAS Charity

COMPAS (Comunnity Partnership Group) was established in Peterborough in 2010 and become a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) in 2017. Working with marginalised and migrant communities, COMPAS Charity provides services to promote equality and diversity, and support such communities to integrate into the British society.

Over the past 12 months, COMPAS has been involved in:

COVID-19 support: we have been playing a vital role in supporting vulnerable communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have been offering food and hygienic equipment during both lockdowns and for the past 8 months, we have been offering LFT testing, linked to the NHS track & trace service. On average, we have conducted 10 tests every week. Our experience and community knowledge has also been sought by other districts across the UK. We have been assisting communities in Kent area, Cardiff, Sheffield and other areas.

Physical and Mental health provisions: We have been providing a wide range of activities for all age groups that aim to promote physical and mental well-being, especially during the pandemic. Many children and young people we spoke to told us about the loss of confidence due to obesity and lack of social interaction.

Mentoring of children and young people: In 2011, COMPAS had developed a mentoring project called ROGA that aims to motivate young Roma to access further education (Level 4 and above) and to develop useful skills that will enable them to take up front line jobs in teaching, law enforcement, NHS and other areas of public life.

Advice centre: The advice centre has been opened every Tuesday and Friday and we have been offering free advice in the areas of EU Settlement Scheme, housing, employment, CV writing, etc. Over the past 12 months, we have assisted over 600 people.

Setting up new branches: COMPAS Charity is recognized both nationally and internationally for the work with Roma community and positive impact we have created. To share the best practice with other schools, councils and other stakeholders, and to assist Roma communities in other parts of the UK, we have decided to start replicating the Peterborough’s best practice in other cities. The very first branch of COMPAS Charity had been opened in Folkestone. Since September 2021, the Folkestone branch, led by Jarka Badzova, has been offering advice provision. Over 90 people were helped since the opening. We are also aiming to set up further branches in Margate, Cardiff, Newport, Sheffield and Crewe.

You can find out more about our work and achievements at our latest NEWSLETTER.