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Community Hub in Peterborough

It is becoming extremely difficult to organise all our events from different locations. It puts extreme pressure on all our volunteers, it costs us lots of money and it is very strategically difficult to move and store all our equipment.

COMPAS is therefore making a public pledge for sponsorships and donations to assist us to set up a community hub in Peterborough. We are of the opinion that a community hub / venue that we would have an access to would benefit:

Children and young people: The youth provision in the area of Milfield, Dogsthorpe and New England are not sufficient and that means that many young people (especially from Roma background) are engaging in taking and selling drugs and causing ASB.
Mothers with small children: there is currently no provision for mothers with children. There is no venue that mothers could go to, have a coffee with others and children could play in some sort of playground.
Agencies: the hub would become a single venue for spreading messages into the community and for engagement

Therefore, we are currently looking for sponsors who would be willing to help us to provide communities in Peterborough with an appropriate venue.

Romani Holocaust Commemoration and Congress 2019

World Roma Congress taking place in London next year [1-5 August 2019]. It was agreed the Congress should open with the 2 August Genocide Commemoration, to be held [permission allowing] in the Victoria Tower Gardens, next to Parliament. Possibly to be followed by receptions at the House Commons and nearby Church House.
The Congress marks half a century since the now legendary 1st World Romani Congress in London that kicked off the post-war Romani Movement. It will be the first featuring elections with the participation of voters in our communities around the globe.